Jonathan Juursema, BSc

Enschede, The Netherlands

Hey there! I am a Creative Technology graduate from the University of Twente. I am currently working on obtaining a master's degree in Cyber Security in 2018.

Between the lectures I'm contributing a lot of time to the study association of Creative Technology, S.A. Proto, as well as various other student groups around the campus. On the side I'm running Digineering, a student-oriented company offering cheap website hosting. I'm also a freelance photographer.

I actively support the Dutch Youth Association for Astronomy. The mission of this non-profit organization is to interest and educate the young, aged 8 through 18, in astronomy. Together with other people within the association I organize two summer camps for the younger part of the target-group.

Want to know more? Get in touch! You can e-mail me (PGP key) or connect with me on LinkedIn or Facebook.